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Energise & Fly, a workshop with Andrea

Friday 12th April 1pm - 3pm

  • 30 British pounds
  • Yoga Garden Yurt

About the workshop

FRIDAY YOGA WORKHOP 12th April WORKSHOP 1-4pm / £30 Energize and Fly! Connecting with our inner landscapes to cultivate creativity and imagination. A Hatha yoga, guided meditation and writing experience.  Come and join a lively three hour exploration where we will make a deep connection with our inner selves away from the routines of a typical day. If you are feeling a little bit stuck or uninspired and ready to bring some creative energetics to your life, then you will benefit from this session. There will be a specially curated mixture of a full Hatha Yoga practice, meditation and writing/journaling.  Intention  To provide a safe, non judgemental space for you to explore your creative side.  The emphasis is on creating an environment where you feel able to leave the everyday behind and enter a world of the imagination.  There are three practical elements: 1.  The Yoga practice will take you to the edge of your comfort zone and challenge you without sending you over the edge.  It is suitable for all levels of experience and there will be a focus on how the prana, life energy force, is active in varying degrees in your yoga practice. The asana will prepare you to meditate. 2. The meditation will be a short & powerful experience to take you deep inside your awareness. We will be using the 'so hum' mantra to contemplate your true nature, reference to the chakras and the Hindu legend of the creation of the universe. 3. Finally,  the writing element will be a fully supported opportunity to create in any form (poetry/ prose/ song/ journal entry/ letter or any other style) from the depths of your heart.  There will be opportunities to share your writing if you would like to, but this is optional.  Depending on the weather there may be opportunity for sensory awakening in nature to support the practices outlined above.  What you will gain: Participation in an open and closing ritual Physical benefits of a full hatha yoga practice  A jump start on a writing project  An opportunity for meditation Yoga Philosophy Underpinning the Workshop -Patanjali’s Sutras 1.40 paramanu parama mahattvanto sya vasikarah The yogi's mastery extends from the smallest particle of matter to the totality of matter  -Manipura Chakra  -Indian mythology: the story of Lord Vishnu and the Creation of the Universe

Cancellation Policy

CLASSES: To cancel or re-schedule a class please contact us at least 8 hours ahead of the class. WORKSHOPS/RETREATS - To cancel or re-schedule a workshop or retreat please contact us at least 2 weeks ahead of the event.

Contact Details

  • The Yoga Garden, Horsham, UK

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