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Winter Yin Yoga & Self Massage Workshop

Saturday 9th December 12-2pm with Leila Davies

  • 25 British pounds
  • Yoga Garden Yurt

About the workshop

Step into the enchanting embrace of winter at this Yin Yoga and Self-Massage Workshop, hosted in the warm and cosy yurt. This immersive experience weaves together the ancient arts of acupressure and self-massage, drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of Chinese medicine and the time-honored philosophy of the Five Elements. During this workshop, we embark on a holistic journey within the body, with a keen focus on specific acupressure points along meridian lines. Alongside this, we explore myofascial release techniques, thoughtfully incorporating props to enhance the practice. These techniques are designed to realign the body's energy channels, release stagnant energy, and target trigger points, all with the intention of restoring harmony and vitality. This workshop is carefully designed to fortify your well-being throughout the winter season, offering a comprehensive approach to self-care firmly rooted in the principles of Chinese medicine. Join us for this transformative experience, which will warm your spirit, nourish your body, and leave you feeling rejuvenated as you embrace the serene beauty of winter. Leila is a Remedial & Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor specialising in Yoga Therapeutics, Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa. Her teachings combine a fusion of styles and a curiosity about how Eastern and Western forms of movement and bodywork can complement each other. Leila is passionate about equipping people with practical tools to incorporate into their daily lives. Combining movement, breathwork, mindful awareness and self-compassion, Leila supports people to understand the interplay between their physical, mental and emotional well-being and offers practices to find balance amidst the busyness of everyday life. Leila invites others to enter a warm and caring space where they can develop their own practice, at their own pace, whatever their level of experience. She is currently based between the UK and Portugal.

Cancellation Policy

CLASSES: To cancel or re-schedule a class please contact us at least 8 hours ahead of the class. WORKSHOPS/RETREATS - To cancel or re-schedule a workshop or retreat please contact us at least 2 weeks ahead of the event.

Contact Details

  • The Yoga Garden, Horsham, UK

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