Dear Yoga Clients

We look forward to providing you with a safe opportunity to practice together in nature in our beautiful yurt on the Knepp Estate. 

In order to remain open we have put a great deal of thought into how we can do so in the safest way possible and you can help us by following the guidelines below.  Please take some time to read through this information so you know what to expect on arrival.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Upon arrival at the entrance at Swallows Lane please let the parking attendant know that you are visiting the Yoga Garden and then proceed very slowly down the drive, looking out for wildlife and observing the correct vehicle passing points. 


We now have our own car park:  Please drive past the Knepp Campsite parking on the left and through the double gates at the end of the long drive (these will open up automatically as you approach).  Our car park is situated in the field on your right marked ‘Yoga Parking’.  Please park right up on the grassy area; it’s an all weather car park with matting under the grass so you won’t get stuck in wet weather! The yoga garden yurts can be accessed in the usual way via the footpath to the right of the Cow Barn and over the footbridge by the swimming pond. 


Upon arrival, you will find the yurt doors open for you - please use the hand sanitiser available to you before entering. We advise clients to bring own equipment where possible, or at the least a small towel or blanket to cover the bolster.  We will lay out Yoga Garden mats on the floor to mark out the safe spacing, your own mat (if you have one) or towel can be placed on top.  We are currently limiting class sizes to 6.  If you are coming with a family member we may place your mats closer together to allow more spacing for the other guests.   The very nature of the yurt allows for plenty of natural ventilation but we will be opening the doors and sides of yurt as much as possible, weather permitting - please allow for this by bringing an extra layer of clothing or blanket for relaxation. Please wipe down any equipment or mats used with the sanitising products provided after class. All equipment and yurt surfaces are regularly cleaned by our team. 


If you need to cancel your place in a class we now require 24 hours notice for the class to be re-funded to your account. 


It is not necessary to wear a mask in the yurt but please bring one with you as they are required to access the loos located inside the ‘Go Down’ (Knepp reception area and shop).  Please see below an except from Knepp’s website regarding use of the shared facilities /communal areas: 

Knepp Wildland Safaris and Camping Covid-19 Policy

We consider your safety our highest priority. Please understand that we are only able to provide only a stripped-back version of what we normally offer, but this will keep all our guests and staff safe.


Our Staff

Our hardworking team will conduct a thorough and regular cleaning regime. All staff must adhere to a checklist and sign for each clean.

  • There will be ongoing staff training to ensure clear understanding of every task undertaken.

  • All cleaning team members are given the correct protective clothing and training on how to use it correctly, as well as instructions on handwashing, protective clothing disposal and their own wellbeing.

  • Please note facilities will be temporarily closed during staff cleaning to allow distancing.

  • Cleaning standards are regularly checked by supervisors.


Welcome back to Knepp!


What you need to do:

On arrival at our car park, please observe social distancing with other guests. This may mean waiting in your car before getting out.

Please observe all signage and follow instructions about safely queuing. There will be designated queue markers outside the shop and toilet.  Use the sanitiser and/or soap provided to disinfect your hands before entering buildings or using any shared equipment. 

What we will do:

  • Regularly disinfect all touch points around the campsite, including but not limited to:

    • Sanitiser and hand soap dispensers

    • Electric Vehicle Charge Point

    • Door and window handles

    • Locks

    • Wheelbarrows

    • Fire buckets

    • Zips and latches

    • Card machine

    • Taps and shower handles

    • Loo flushes

    • Card machine

  • Regularly clean all showers, toilets and shared areas

  • Ventilate all buildings and accommodation where possible

  • Replace all hand towels with disposable paper towels

  • Replace our regular waste bins with larger ones that will be regularly emptied by staff


The Knepp Shop

We can no longer run the shop on an honesty system without staff present.

Instead, we will open daily from 9.30am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 6pm

Following government guidance face coverings are mandatory in the shop.

A maximum of one household will be allowed in the shop at any one time and we request contactless payment if possible.

Please find our Shop Hygiene Policy online here

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

With all best wishes

The Knepp Team and The Yoga Garden