Nina Fowkes

“Yoga is about releasing the stresses and strains of daily life and finding our  joyful connection with nature and therefore a more compassionate way of being”


Nina is the founder of The Yoga Garden, and as well as being an advanced yoga practitioner, certified in Thai massage and aromatherapy she also brings such warmth and kindness to her students that it’s hard not to feel completely at ease in her classes.  


“I am so happy to provide a beautiful space where people can improve their health and wellbeing and find that sense of connection and tranquility we are all seeking”


Nina teaches Gentle Hatha for Women on a Monday, Restorative Aroma Yoga Workshops and offers personal detox and nutritional coaching. Nina is also Director of our Teacher Training programmes and courses.

Ana Marcela

Ana Marcela Wakeham is a senior yoga teacher, Qi Gong and Pilates Instructor and specialises in teaching experiential anatomy and physiology through movement.


From a deeply introspective practice and experiential knowledge Ana Marcela has developed clear insight and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of movement, which she expresses in a uniquely fascinating and accessible way.


Ana Marcela’s teachings are deeply rooted in a somatic sense of self and the perspective of one’s own life experiences which encompass body, mind and spirit. By bringing our attention to the inner-self, our breath and felt sense, Ana Marcela believes we can use movement to increase awareness and establish deeply restorative states of meditation.

Ana Marcela teaches Pilates and Ignite Beginners yoga on Wednesday evenings and Pilates on Friday mornings.



“I strongly believe that through diligent practice we can find true balance & happiness.”

Not an unusual story - Sam cam from a family dance background and turned to yoga 15 years ago to manage a severe hip injury.  Introduced to the Jivamukti method in 2010 and then a student at the Sangyé Yoga School (formally Jivamukti London), what had originally started as only a physical practise, awakened her journey towards a spiritual one too. 

Sam considers herself to be a baby Buddha in training and is continually encouraged and inspired by Buddhist philosophy, which she weaves into her dynamic, physically diverse and diverse classes.  Through her authentic and committed approach, Sam’s motivation in every class is to bring attention to the present and move towards a conscious potential.



“My approach to yoga is that of sharing the ability to self-heal, both physically and mentally through a self-regulating physical practice, using this ancient art of movement of the body and breath.”

Rebecca  teaches Hatha and Restorative Yoga at the Yoga Garden. She is a Yoga Alliance registered Teacher (300 hr+) and has been a regular teacher in Steyning, Worthing and Storrington for the last 3 years, teaching a variety of styles including Dynamic Vinyasa Flow.

Since graduating Rebecca has continued her teaching development with Yoga4Autism, Pregnancy Yoga with Mel Campbell and at the Yoga Garden with Toni and Marcella.  She started the Mentorship with Jivamukti teacher Amrita in 2016 as well as completing her course on Yoga Adjustments.

“I would like to give gratitude to all my teachers and students and especially the Yoga Garden for their support and development on my yoga path”



"I am honoured to be able to help clients find that sacred balance, body & mind and honour their wonderful bodies”.

Chessy's warmth comes from her divine nature, as well as her genuine and in depth understanding and compassion for her clients body and mind. With over 20 years experience and qualifications in reflexology, therapeutic oil massage and thai massage, as well as being a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, Chessy can help you to listen and connect with your body in a variety of ways.

Chessy teaches Therapeutic Yoga and offers one on one yoga and therapy sessions. Chessy is also currently running our Thai massage practitioner courses.



I see yoga as an opportunity to connect our mind and body to help us find balance in our daily lives by relieving stress, aiding sleep, building strength and flexibility in the body.

Yoga has been the catalyst for deep rooted change in my life.  I found yoga when I needed it the most, initially a physical practice that soon paved the way to a more open and conscious existence, where self-love and compassion became paramount.

Fast forward 5 years and my practice led me to train recently as a teacher with The Yoga Garden, finding inspiration in seeing first hand the benefits that the training has had on my mind, body and soul and wanting to guide others towards finding this too.



Ali first came to the Yoga Garden back in 2010 to rebuild her strength after a difficult birth of her 3rd son. 


Her yoga journey started in a London studio 25 years ago, but through all the changes of life, yoga has remained a constant for her in its many different manifestations. 

'I love meeting each class and trying to give them what they have come for.  I think Yoga is about awareness.  Awareness of the breath, deepening our awareness of our bodies, and through this process increasing our awareness of our place in the world.' 

As well as the Yoga Garden 200hr Teacher Training, Ali has also completed a Yoga Alliance course in Youth Yoga and Mindfulness.  She teaches Ignite Yoga for Beginners on a Tuesday morning and Restorative Yoga on Friday afternoons, and enjoys creating 1-to-1 yoga for those coming to yoga for the first time. 


I have been a student of yoga for over twenty years and have been teaching for for the last two.

I believe that yoga should be accessible to all, regardless of fitness levels, body size, age, financial capacity... if you can draw breath you can yoga! As we move our bodies, tuning into the rhythmic tidal flow of the breath expanding and releasing, we melt tension physically and mentally, letting go - if only for moments, from the constructed layers of self/identity (Asmita). Bringing fluidity and ease to the body and calmness to the heart/mind (citta).

I am dedicated to creating a calm space for self exploration with a strong focus on the breath (pranayama) and posture (asana). It’s a loving, calm, nurturing personal journey to feeling awakened, light of heart and free from the hype and chatter of your own mind. Unity in breath, body, heart/mind. 

200 hours Harmonise training academy - Yoga Alliance

200 hours Vajrasati yoga school - Yoga Alliance

(Continuing to 500 hours teacher training plus with the Vajrasati school)



“I’m  passionate about helping people through sport and yoga”


Tony is a true athlete and brings a wealth of sporting knowledge and experience to our team of teachers. He came to yoga after having spent a lifetime in sport cycle racing, triathlons and running.  He represented Great Britain at numerous Triathlon World Championships and has completed the Ironman Triathlon 3 times.

As a qualified Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Sports Massage Therapist, Tony is passionate about  helping clients reach their personal fitness goals. 


Tony teaches the Pilates Yoga Fusion class on Fridays at 7.30 am



My approach to teaching is an extension of my own practise - integrating mind, body and spirit with total surrender (to the present moment), breath awareness, tuning in to the physical conditions with acceptance and love. A meditative approach to an integrated practise. Holistic and Heart centred. 


I have been practising yoga for over 20 years - 15 years as a student of Jim Tarran (Vajrasati Founder) and subsequently led me to train with him and Khadine Morcom on the 500 hour Yoga Plus Course. My love of Yoga started at a young age and continues to grow through regular āsana practise, meditation and personal study.  I am passionate about the power of mantra, the purity of sanskrit language and learning more of the rich heritage and tradition of Yoga from scripture, sutra and beyond. Weaving this wisdom into classes to assist us on our yoga journey.

Expect a class that lifts you up, refreshes and revives. Restorative and peaceful. See you on the mat just as you are.

​RYT 200/500hr



Romina turned to yoga as a means of injury prevention and to build strength as a puppeteer and performer and grew to learn how much deeper the practice goes.

“Yoga greatly improves your self awareness and is hugely healing for the body and mind. It has helped me develop as a person in so many ways. Made me feel more comfortable in my own body; both mentally and physically. Self acceptance is so important for your own happiness and yet it is something that nearly everyone battles with daily. Yoga is so much more than being flexible, it is not about self improvement but about self acceptance. I truly believe that Yoga is for everyone and that is something that I want to encourage through my teaching.”



“Within our modern, urban busy lifestyles, I believe yogic teachings are even more important and valuable for us than ever before”.


Amrita’s well seeded and rich 16 years of global yoga experience makes her the ideal teachers teacher, running workshops, mentorships and offering exceptional one-to-one guidance. Being an 800 hour certified Jivamukti Teacher, as well as professionally trained and certified for adjustments, meditation, partner yoga, holistic massage and group therapy, Amrita brings a wealth of knowledge, tools and passion to every class.


Amrita teaches ‘Hot Yoga’ on a Monday night and Spiritual Warrior on a Tuesday lunchtime as well as a variety of Jivamukti inspired workshops and one on one sessions



“I like to keep my yoga real and grounded making it accessible to all.  I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a regular yoga practise whatever their background or story”


Penny’s yoga journey started in 2000 whilst living a fast paced life in London.  During her pregnancy with her daughter, she really connected with her yoga practise, its benefits and the power of the breath.


“In 2010 I went to my first hot yoga class and was hooked. “ Penny continues developing her own practise and teaching style with globally recognised teachers such as Anna Forrest. Max Strom & Delamay Devi.  


“For me it’s about making yoga totally accessible, simple and enjoyable, demystifying the practice as a way to help you tune in to your body, coming back to a simpe sense of gratitude and joy for all that we are”

Having lived and worked in London for years, running from one project to the next, Emily, like so many of us was wondering what it was all about. “My yoga practice was the one thing I kept coming back to, it was the only thing which helped to ground me, slow me down, and really pay attention”. It’s an honour and a gift to now help students to slow down, take time out.

When not on the yoga mat, Emily is on a horse or out running.  Emily teaches Monday morning Power Up your Week as well as teaching Rise & Shine on a Saturday morning. Emily also offers one on ones.



"Yoga is so many things but, above all else, it is about creating stillness"  


Having developed her own practice over the last 10 years, Joanna qualified as a teacher, following the Yoga Garden teaching programme, earlier this year.

"I believe passionately that yoga is for everyone.  Discovering the body's own unique abilities in a gentle and compassionate way is fundamental to my practice".



'I believe yoga is an integral part of good health & wellness, physically, mentally & spiritually;.  I vary the style I teach according to the season, the needs of the class or the individual.  I will encourage each person to express free movement and creativity in their yoga by listening to their inner wisdom'. 

Tracey also enjoys many forms of dance including West Coast Swing, Modern Jive & Belly Dancing.

She qualified as a 200hr Vinyasa teacher at the Yoga Garden and went onto study Yoga Therapeutics (Hatha Yoga meets the Five Element theory from traditional Chinese medicine) at The Yoga Barn in Bali.

Tracey covers a variety of classes at the Yoga Garden and is running a series of workshops in 2020 based on her study of Yoga Therapeutics and the Five Element Theory. (see workshops)



"We are here for a reason, and Women are awakening to the need to heal themselves emotionally physically and soulfully from past pain, injuries  and betrayals, if they are to bring forth their gifts and fulfill their true purpose. We cannot do this alone and helping women on that healing journey to natural wellbeing is my purpose and my privilege"  


Georgie moved from a career in Law to become a yoga teacher over 13 years ago.  Her passion remains deeply imbedded in healing from within and creating learning environments for women to tap into their own healing capacity.  She has created in conjunction with The Yoga Garden their first Women in Wellness Program to teach, guide and support Women in returning to a place of positive energy and vitality.  She is also a Doterra essential oils Consultant and combines this in all her work both individually and in class settings. Working privately with clients is also a passion of Georgie's where she combines assisted deep stretching techniques and massage to achieve release and balance.  And as an Intuitive she offers Angel Card readings to guide and gain insight on challenges of the heart, family, career and health.



The Yoga Garden, Swallows Lane, Dial Post, Horsham, West Sussex. RH13 8NN. T: 01903 892459


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