At the Yoga Garden we offer a wide variety of classes in the yurt (and a few via Zoom), ranging from vinyasa flow & hatha yoga to more meditative and restorative classes.  We cater for all levels from complete beginners practising for the very first time, through to experienced yogis.   


All classes take place in our beautiful hand crafted Mongolian style Yurt. The organic breathing structure creates a light and airy space, which is both warm in Winter, thanks to the wood burning stove and felted wool lining, and cool in the summer. The Yurt has a smooth wooden floor and is fully equipped with top of the range ethically sourced organic yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets.

Level 1 = Complete beginners, New to yoga (open to all) 

Level 2 = Beginners - intermediate (reasonable level of health and fitness required)

Level 3 = Intermediate - Advanced (for those with a regular practice who know how to modify postures when needed).


Start your week with a healthy glow! This multi level class class is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogi’s alike who wish to develop their postures and create a strong mindful practice. 

Hatha yoga is the practice of creating resilience, maintaining and developing strength and agility by stimulating the body’s systems.  The physical yoga we practice today is one that has developed over centuries to support health and calm the mind. For both the very active and more sedentary, yoga is accessible to anybody, any shape, any ability and any age. 

The aim of this class is to support a healthy body through flexibility and strength and to inspire your week as you mean to go on with a powerful healthy dose of yoga.  Especially suitable for beginners, who wish to progress their practice.  Everyone welcome! 

Monday 10am - 11.15am

Teacher: Rebecca


Dynamic, fluid and creative sequences to heat the body and build strength & flexibility combined with restorative postures to relax muscles, tissues and nervous system. Students are compassionately guided in encouraging a release of deeply held tension, leading to deeper meditative absorption. Each class usually ends with mantra and meditation before a relaxing savasana.

Level 2-3

Monday 6pm - 7.15pm 

Teacher: Kelly

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Fall back in love with your body as you alternate between gentle hatha flow and restoring yin yoga (every class will include meditation and breath work) - Chessy believes this is the winning combination to combat muscle tightness, fatigue, stress, post operative and injury trauma and to bring the body and mind back to perfect balance. The class is suitable for ALL levels, especially beginners, people with chronic illness or burnout or anyone needing to reconnect and rediscover the magic of our incredible bodies.

Tuesday 9.45am - 11am with Chessy

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Evening Hatha Flow 

During this flowing and energising practice you will be guided through vitalising, uplifting asana and breath work to cleanse, restore and bring focus to your week. There will be flowing sections combined with juicy long holding postures, to heat and stretch the body, the class will be rounded off with a grounding, restful Savasana. 

Tuesday 6.45pm - 8pm

Teacher: Laila


Exploring different types of pranayama (breathwork) to help settle our minds and bodies into stillness.  This class will explore the relationship between controlling our breath and bringing the body to stillness.  In the middle section we will move to our asana practice, using a combination of different varieties: gentle flow, Yin and restorative - to deepen the connection with the body, and then we will revisit the same breathwork, observing the changes in our mind/body connection before we drop into Savasana and then finally return to a seated meditation to complete the circle of our practice.  

For all abilities.

Wednesdays 1pm - 2pm with Ali


New Yin yoga class with Louise Windsor

 Yin Yoga is an opportunity to slow down in a busy world. We hold the poses for 3-15 minutes which helps to release layers of built up tension in the body, mobility in the joints and to encourage Qi (energy) to flow freely through our meridian lines, as well as helping to calm the mind.

Starts Wednesday June 8th 6.30pm to 7.45pm 

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Hatha Yoga as a physical practice has been evolving for hundreds of years. The emphasis is on developing a healthy body to support the practice of meditation. Through the breathing techniques of yoga (pranayama) we will develop an awareness of the changing states of the mind and meditation. We will explore both ancient and modern asanas, moving through a simple flow of  postures, which at times will be challenging. There may also be some time spent exploring the older classic texts on Hatha Yoga so we can understand the development of yoga over the years.

Those that have been coming regularly to the classes will know that the ultimate practice here at the yurt is a clearing and cleansing of the body and mind, punctuating your week with a peaceful meditation. This class is available to beginners who are ready to dive in and regular practicing yogis.

Thursday 9:45am - 11.00am

Teacher: Rebecca


This class will suit those coming to yoga for the first time, recovering from injury or looking to revisit their practice after a break.  Here the teacher will create accessible asana (postures), simple pranayama (breathwork) and meditation to build a rounded introduction to yoga. 

The focus will be on understanding the correct alignment in the postures and taking the time to adapt them to everyone present in the class. Props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets may be used to support the body for your safety and comfort. 

Thursday 11.30am  - with Rebecca


A morning class for those wanting to work hard. Tony combines yoga and Pilates to build strength around the core as well as build flexibility in the body.

With Tony on Fridays 8.30am - 9.30am 


Qigong is an ancient Chinese wellness practice. Qi means energy and gong means to cultivate. Thus, Qigong is the cultivation of life energy. When we are stressed, experience ill health or trauma our life energy can become unbalanced and stagnant. Qigong practices aim to restore the flow of healthy qi so we can feel greater wellbeing and harmony with the natural world. The practices work with qualities of meditative awareness, build strength and flexibility and most importantly are playful and fun.

The following will also be covered:

  • Foundational breathing techniques

  • Practices to warm up and strengthen the joints

  • Meridian line self-massage

  • Standing meditation practice

  • Seasonal set practice

The intention is that by the end of the course you will be confident practicing the forms to support your health and wellbeing in-between training sessions, if you so wish!

For information on this class, to book or to contact Kate about the class, please visit her website:

Fridays 10.30am - email for next dates


All Levels


Both restorative and Yin yoga use props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body for your safety and comfort as you are guided into longer held positions that encourage both a mental and physical release in a nurturning environment.


Practising this way results in ease of breath and movement, joint mobility, improved balance, and a deeper awareness of the body.  Each class will include simple meditation and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve overall health.  

Fridays 5.30-6.45 pm

Teacher: Ali /Laila


All Levels


Start your morning off with a fully rounded yoga practice to kick start your weekend! A flowing and energising class suitable for all levels and all ages including complete beginners.


Saturday 8:30am - 9.30am

Sunday 8.30am - 9.30am (May - October) 

Teacher: Various



We provide top of the range beautiful organic and natural yoga mats, cork blocks, cotton belts, blankets and supportive bolsters. 


Following government guidelines we currently advise you to bring your own mat if you have one or towel to cover the mat.  This is especially important when attending more dynamic classes. Please bring your own blanket for savasana and drinking water in a glass or copper bottle (no plastics!).


Wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely and with ease. We want you to feel the connection of your bare feet on the earth, so you can leave your shoes at the door.