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Combine your yoga class with a treatment and let the tranquillity of the yoga garden and the sounds of nature ease away the stresses & strains of daily life.

We now offer a full range of Ayurvedic treatments as well as holistic & deep tissue massage, shiatsu, reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki healing.

To arrange a treatment, please contact Gemma on  07967 229126. Gemma provides Ayurvedic treatments or you can enquire through Gemma for other therapies, and she will find a suitable therapist from our wonderful selection of practitioners. 

We advise giving us as much notice as possible so we can arrange for the therapist to come on site to offer the treatment of your choice.  

For group bookings please email

We look forward to welcoming you to our Therapy Yurt. 

Lucinda Jones
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Massage Therapies
To book a treatment please call or email us with your contact details and preferred dates and times.
Deep tissue massage

30 mins - £45,  60 mins - £70.00, 90 mins -£95.00

An essential massage to get rid of muscle tensions 

that can build up in the neck, shoulders and 

lower back due to overuse, stress or exercise. 

Each massage is tailored to suite your needs on the day. 

Aromatherapy massage

60 mins £70.00,  90 Mins £95.00

A deeply relaxing all-over body massage using 

essential oils to ease muscle tightness, stress & insomnia


Shiatsu Massage
with Hans Schuldheis

75 mins £70.00

Shiatsu is based on the ancient Chinese meridian system and a contemporary approach to the 5 elements theory. It is effective for relieving, stress, postural pain, digestive imbalances, mental health and chronic fatigue. (Hans has been practicing Shiatsu for over 25 years, and will be offering these deeply relaxing and effective treatments at The Yoga Garden on Fridays and some weekends).

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Ayurvedic Consultations and Treatments
To book a treatment with Gemma please click below to email or telephone on 07967 229126
Shiro Abhyanga (Indian Head Massage) 

60 mins £65

The one that everyone has heard of and with good reason - this massage works to release tension and energy blockages across the head, face, neck, shoulders and the arms allowing the prana to freely flow again which revitalises the brain and the nervous system and strengthens the 5 senses and the hair.

Mukha Abhyanga (Face Massage)

60 mins £70

No need to worry about those wrinkles or lines any longer if you have this massage regularly, known as the ayurvedic facelift it works on relaxing the muscles and the fascia of the face and stimulates the skin’s micro-circulation and lymph flow, which improves the muscle tone and helps the skin retain more moisture which turns back the clock and has that anti-ageing effect on the skin’s appearance.

Pristha Abhyanga (Back massage)

60 mins £70

If you have slept awkwardly or just need a massage, this treatment really hones in and focuses on the upper back, shoulders and arms working out tension, tightness and stress

Pinda Sveda (Full Body) 

90 mins £95

This is an abhyanga with a twist, cloth bundles filled with Ayurvedic herbs are dipped into medicated hot oil and then firmly applied over the body in long repetitive strokes allowing the oil and the herbs time to penetrate into the skin and tissues - a double whammy of goodness for the body!


90 mins £95

This is the energising, exfoliating, get your mojo back full body massage! I mix a gorgeous herbal powder of sandalwood, rose petals and ayurvedic herbs together with a warmed ayurvedic oil for your dosha and apply it from tip to toe with firm grounding strokes.

Pada Abhyanga (Foot Massage) 

60 mins £65

There are a lot of marma points in the lower legs and feet that when massaged and the oil is absorbed can have great benefits across the whole body,  Often if there is excess ama in the body or an area is too sensitive to be treated initially we can start with a foot massage until we can directly treat the issue.

Ayurvedic Full Body Abhyanga

60 or 90 mins (£70 - £95)

This full body massage will leave you relaxed in a way that you never even knew was possible!  Medicated oil infused with Ayurvedic herbs is heated and then applied to your body in long rhythmic strokes which are performed in a tailored sequence based on your dosha and imbalance that you wish to heal. The marma points are then detoxed and nourished to really seal the goodness in!

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Treatments on request in the therapy yurt

To book a treatment with Deena please click below to email or telephone on 07725 361498

Introductory offer price £55 per 60 minute session.

Reiki is a type of energy healing. Life force energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause a persons mind, body and soul to be out of balance.

Reiki aims to help restore the natural flow of energy and remove blocks gently and without force or pressure. By improving the flow of energy around the body , reiki can enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness.

Deena Sandell - Reiki Therapist

Deena has been practising reiki healing for a number of years now and offers a safe, non judgmental and open space to support  your mind and body to find balance and flow. She can also help you connect to your souls wisdom and will pass on any messages she receives.
Jess Palmer
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Treatments in the Yurt
To book a treatment with Jess please click below to email or telephone on 07518 807567

30 mins - £40, 60 mins - £65

Reflexology is based on the principal that there are reflex points on the feet and hands which are connected energetically to the organs of the body.

If energy becomes blocked, causing illness or tension, then crystalline deposits can build in the related part of the feet.

The application of gentle or deep pressure to these points stimulates energy pathways and removes blockages, promoting health, healing and restoration of balance. It increases blood supply and improves circulation and helps rid the body of toxins.

It can also bring about relaxation and, as energy is unblocked, there s a sense of release, reducing tension, stress or pain.

Jess Palmer is an experienced reflexologist working with both children and adults.

For further information please email Jess for further details and bookings.

Calling local 
If you are local and practise holistic therapies, please contact us to use this lovely space: 
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Discover our
Therapy Yurt
Therapies at the Yoga Garden
We are able to arrange massage treatments most days of the week, depending on therapist availability.

You can book directly with one of the named therapists above or contact Gemma on 07967229126 who will connect you with an available therapist.

or group bookings please email

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