Whether you are looking for a long and luxuriously pampering therapeutic oil massage or a more specific remedial treatment, The Yoga Garden has something to offer. 

Combine your yoga class with a treatment and let the tranquility of the yoga garden and the sounds of nature ease away the stresses & strains of daily life. A wide range of treatments are on offer from a community of experienced therapists dedicated to holistic health.

Choose a treatment from the menu to view more details and contact Nina on 07789 000641 to discuss your requirements and we will arrange something to suit your needs, please be aware therapists are not on site unless booked so try and give us 24 hrs notice for the booking. If you have any queries about the therapies, please send us an email.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to support mind, body and spirit in profound ways. They are the plants immune system and defence against disease and can be used in many ways to support and strengthen our own immune system.

At the Yoga Garden we are dedicated to only use the purest grade of essential oils available.  doTerra oils are certified and therapeutic-grade oils, extracted naturally from aromatic indigenous plants.  These oils have been known to contain healing benefits to support a healthy body & mind.  For advice on which oils might be of benefit to you please email 

60 minutes £55
90 minutes £75
2 hours £90

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, with its roots in Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhism; it has been handed down from teacher to pupil since the third century BC.

This unique and powerful massage combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga. It releases blocked energy and tension in the muscles, freeing the body’s own natural healing potential, thus restoring balance, health and harmony.


This healing art is considered to be a form of vipassana meditation (mindfulness in action). Each treatment is completely unique, performed with fluidity, continuity and rhythm and embodying the four states of the divine mind according to Buddhist teaching – Metta (loving kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (joy) and Uppekha (freedom).


Thai massage is especially good for relieving backache, tension headaches, and stiffness in the joints. Your flexibility will be greatly enhanced with regular treatments making this a wonderful therapy after sport.

60 minutes £55
90 minutes £75

Oil Massage is a deeply nurturing and relaxing treatment that uses strong rhythmic movements to work deep into the muscles and connective tissue and melt away tension. Acupressure release work is often incorporated to help heal and relax injured or stressed muscles, promote lymphatic drainage and improve immune function. Each treatment is specifically tailored to meet your needs and may incorporate the use of essential oils, Myofascia release techniques and deep tissue massage. Excellent for relieving stress or to aid recovery after injury.

60 minutes £55
90 minutes £75

Essential oils have been used for centuries to support mind body and spirit in profound ways. 


This gentle therapeutic massage incorporates use of a carefully blended DoTERRA oils to suit your particular needs. 


Each session starts with an oil consultation and may include guidance on use of the essential oils at home. 


Leave your troubles at the door as you drift off into a deeply held space of nurture and healing with these incredible gifts of the earth. 

£55 per treatment inc consultation.

Reflexology is the ancient practice of stimulating points on the hands or feet to promote wellness. This safe and non-invasive therapy treats the body as a whole bringing back natural balance.  The treatments are relaxing and give a sense of well being as well as addressing specific health issues such as hormone imbalances, digestive disorders or long term disturbances with sleep, stress and panic attacks.


This relaxing treatment will help you back to your healthier self.

Initial Consultation Package £175

Chloe's approach is completely personalised to help you feel your best, and move at a pace that feels comfortable for you.


Your session will entail  a smart, considered and simple approach, with science as our backbone, to teach you how to become more aware of your mind and body and the impact it has on your health.


Whether you want to rebalance your digestion, have glowing skin, maintain your ideal weight, balance your hormones, manage an autoimmune condition, improve your relationship with food, or all of the above, we can look at how we may achieve your goals.

This package is for clients who are super motivated and ready to make changes, all they need is the expert information and they can put it into practice themselves. 

Ideal for: those who don’t have too in-depth a case, but want some expert guidance. 

Treatments available
Friday's in the
Therapy Yurt
9:30am-2:30pm with Jill
To book please call Jill on
07826 499923
or email via the button below

Full Body Oil Massage. 1 hr. £55

Relaxing back , neck and shoulders 30mins. £35

Reflexology 1hr. £55


Indian Head Massage 30mins. £35

Luxury Manicure 1hr. £35

Luxury Pedicure 1hr. £45

Hydrating Organic Facial £58.00


HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - 45 mins. £45

Scalp massage and back massage


COSY TOES - 80 mins. £75

Reflexology and Mini Pedicure


RESTORE - 90mins. £85

Express facial, Mini Pedicure and Back massage


RENEW - 2hr 30 mins. £120

Hydrating facial

Relaxing Back Massage

Luxury Pedicure


The Yoga Garden, Swallows Lane, Dial Post, Horsham, West Sussex. RH13 8NN. T: 01903 892459


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