Combine your yoga class with a treatment and let the tranquility of the yoga garden and the sounds of nature ease away the stresses & strains of daily life.

You can book directly with one of the therapists listed below.

Lucinda (massage, aromatherapy and facials), Jess (reflexology), Stefanie (Cranio- sacral healing).  

We also work with other highly experienced therapists offering Thai and oil massage at times to suit, subject to availability.  Please email or call on 07789 000641 to discuss your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Therapy Yurt. 

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Treatments in the Yurt
To book a treatment with Lucinda please click below to email or telephone on
07931 584548
Deep tissue massage

30 mins - £40,  60 mins - £65.00, 90 mins -£90.00

An essential massage to get rid of muscle tensions 

that can build up in the neck, shoulders and 

lower back due to overuse, stress or exercise.

Aromatherapy massage

60 mins £65.00,  90 Mins £90.00

A deeply relaxing all-over body massage using 

essential oils to ease muscle tightness, stress & insomnia


Natural face lift massage

30 mins - £40.00,  60 mins - £65.00

An amazing skin-lifting treatment that tones, sculpts and uplifts your skin using deep yet relaxing massage oils with essential anti-aging oils. Includes head, neck & shoulders massage.

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Wednesday Morning 
Treatments in the Yurt
To book a treatment with Jess please click below to email or telephone on 07518 807567

30 mins - £35, 60 mins - £60

Reflexology is based on the principal that there are reflex points on the feet and hands which are connected energetically to the organs of the body.

If energy becomes blocked, causing illness or tension, then crystalline deposits can build in the related part of the feet.

The application of gentle or deep pressure to these points stimulates energy pathways and removes blockages, promoting health, healing and restoration of balance. It increases blood supply and improves circulation and helps rid the body of toxins.

It can also bring about relaxation and, as energy is unblocked, there s a sense of release, reducing tension, stress or pain.

Jess Palmer is an experienced reflexologist working with both children and adults.

For further information please email Jess for further details and bookings.

Stephanie McAlpine - Cranio-sacral heali
Stephanie McAlpine
Tuesday Afternoon 
Treatments in the Yurt
For more information or to book please contact Stephanie on 
07970 796 992
Cranio Healing
Craniosacral Therapy
Soul Midwife

Stephanie has been working with people and their bodies for 20 years.  Formerly an ICU nurse, for the last 6 years she has been working holistically as a craniosacral therapist incorporating intuitive healing, myofascial release, vibrational healing, chakra work and essential oils into her treatments.

Cranio Healing is a gentle therapy, combining the above techniques, to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, sleep issues and to relieve aspects of chronic illness.  Stephanie creates a safe space to release negative holding patterns or help you find clarity when your are 'in the fog'.

With Soul Midwifery,  Stephanie works with people who are approaching the end of life to support them in planning for their final journey – practically, emotionally and spiritually.  These sessions are utterly bespoke to each client – for example a cranio healing session, a walk and a cup of tea, a home visit.

Relatives or anyone affected by a loved one approaching end of life can also find these sessions hugely supportive

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Therapies at the Yoga Garden
We are also able to arrange Thai or oil massage at other times, depending on therapist availability.

Please contact Nina on 07789 000641 to discuss your needs or email
Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to support mind, body and spirit in profound ways. They are the plants immune system and defence against disease and can be used in many ways to support and strengthen our own immune system.

At the Yoga Garden we are dedicated to only use the purest grade of essential oils available.  doTerra oils are certified and therapeutic-grade oils, extracted naturally from aromatic indigenous plants.  These oils have been known to contain healing benefits to support a healthy body & mind.  For advice on which oils might be of benefit to you please email