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At the Yoga Garden we believe that nature is our greatest healer.  It’s time to give back and reforest this beautiful planet.  The following  products/companies have been selected not only for their natural organic gifts of the earth, but for their commitment to helping create a greener, healthier, more empowered world.   

In addition to the conservation and community work that each of these carbon neutral companies fund, by purchasing through the links on our website, you also help to grow our Yoga Garden Tree Sister Forest Fundraiser: For every £10 you spend through our affiliates a tree is planted  on your behalf.  To find our further information abut treesisters please click on their logo below.

If you would like to see your yoga /health related product or company featured here please contact us.
Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries to support mind, body and spirit in profound ways. They are the plants immune system and defence against disease and can be used in many ways to support and strengthen our own immune system.

At the Yoga Garden we are dedicated to only use the purest grade of essential oils available.  doTerra oils are certified and therapeutic-grade oils, extracted naturally from aromatic indigenous plants.  These oils have been known to contain healing benefits to support a healthy body & mind.  For advice on which oils might be of benefit to you please email 

Tropics Skincare

Our therapists at the Yoga Garden use Tropics natural skin care products in their beauty treatments.  We love these products because they are freshly made in the UK using the most innovative, sustainably sourced and effective ingredients that nature has to offer.  Every Tropics order goes towards educating a child in Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal, who otherwise would not have access to education, with every £50 spend funding a day of education where it is needed most. In addition when you purchase through this link you help grow our Yoga Garden Forest Fundraiser and re-forest the planet.


For product or skincare advice please call:

Nina on 07789 000 641.

Ecological Yoga Mats

Ecological Yoga Mats is a sustainable e-commerce Yoga Mat brand.  Founded by a husband and wife partnership based in Sussex, who are also clients of The Yoga Garden, the ethos of the company is to make quality environmentally friendly yoga products as accessible as possible at fair prices. Their product range includes a variety of different yoga mats and accessories. They are constantly assessing new products to bring to market.

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