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“Yoga is about releasing the stresses and strains of daily life and finding our  joyful connection with nature and therefore a more compassionate way of being”


Nina is the founder of The Yoga Garden, and as well as being an advanced yoga practitioner, certified in Thai massage and aromatherapy she also brings such warmth and kindness to her students that it’s hard not to feel completely at ease in her classes.  


“I am so happy to provide a beautiful space where people can improve their health and wellbeing and find that sense of connection and tranquility we are all seeking”


Nina teaches Gentle Hatha for Women on a Monday, Restorative Aroma Yoga Workshops and offers personal detox and nutritional coaching. Nina is also Director of our Teacher Training programmes and courses.



"I am honoured to be able to help clients find that sacred balance, body & mind and honour their wonderful bodies”.

Chessy's warmth comes from her divine nature, as well as her genuine and in depth understanding and compassion for her clients body and mind. With over 20 years experience and qualifications in reflexology, therapeutic oil massage and thai massage, as well as being a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, Chessy can help you to listen and connect with your body in a variety of ways.

Chessy teaches Therapeutic Yoga and offers one on one yoga and therapy sessions. Chessy is also currently running our Thai massage practitioner courses.



Jo has a background of 30 years of nursing and has trained as a massage therapist to continue her love of working closely with clients helping them stay healthy and happy.

"I'm excited to offer relaxing holistic massage in such a beautiful setting at the Yoga Garden"

Also qualified in and able to offer remedial sports massage, as an athlete herself and keen runner she understands first hand the benefits of massage and stretching.  

Jo will be offering holistic (oil) massage at The Yoga Garden on Tuesday afternoons and other times by arrangement.

“My massage with Jo was heavenly.. she has such a friendly manner and caring touch, immediately putting me at ease. She intuitively knew where all the knots were and I drifted off into a deep and much needed sleep”  Karen Sartain


“I see dance, massage or any somatic practices as an opportunity to come home to the body and this is what I love to communicate through my touch”

After completing her dance training in 1995 Karen began a life long training in massage and body therapies. Starting with from the feet  up with Reflexology (1994), Full Body Massage (2001), Thai Massage  and Systematic Kinesiology (2015) .


Whilst training in dance Karen gravitated towards the somatic disciplines of Feldenkrais and Contact Improvisation. These practices gave her  the time to slow down and sense weight and space. 


“It really was life changing and empowering for me to experience a sense of whole body integration and to go on and teach that to others has been a real joy” 


Karen offers  Reflexology, Thai and oil Massage at The Yoga Garden and Kinesiology consultations by special arrangement. 



Jill has been practising as a skincare therapist, massage therapist and reflexologist for the last 13 years. She studied at the Jill Farquharson International College of Beauty Therapy in Durban, SA, gaining her CIDESCO and ITEC qualifications in the year 2000. With experience working in South Africa, Ireland and England, Jill has experience with many international skincare product houses such as Dermalogica and Decleor in both salons and day spas.

Jill enjoys employing a holistic approach, tailor making her treatments to meet each client’s needs, which results in a sense of calm, healing and wellbeing for her clients.


Tara Samuels is a local Reiki Master and Teacher who has been offering bespoke holistic treatments and Reiki courses since she qualified in 2002.  She is no stranger to the Yoga Garden and is thrilled to be offering individual treatments again such as Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology as well as certified Reiki Courses. Tara also offers hot stone/hot crystal therapy.

Tara can offer varied availability for treatments, however her regular slot at The Yoga Garden is usually on the first Friday of every month.  To book a session please do so via the Yoga Garden website or connect with her in personally on 0797 092 8550.


Chloe Manlay

Chloe is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and Jivamukti Yoga Teacher based in Sussex. She offers a range of nutritional therapy programmes and diagnostic tests to improve your health and support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


Chloe specializes in digestive and skin disorders and has developed a whole body approach to restore balance, heal your gut and skin, boost your energy levels and improve your mood and sleep. 


Trained under a Functional Medicine Model she sees clients with a variety of different health conditions and health goals working to get to the root cause of disease, as opposed to just treating symptoms. Her programmes include personalised nutrition advice, health coaching, lifestyle medicine, movement and breathwork. 


Her Initial Consultation Package includes pre-consultation intake forms and food diary assessment, an initial consultation and two follow up appointments to go through your personalised programme. Chloe will then advise on how much support you need moving forward. 


Call Chloe on 07962 261 676 for a no obligation 10 minute chat to see if she can help you. . 


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