New Autumn Timetable: Connect yourself to the change of the Season

Our Autumn Timetable has kicked off....Enjoy the change of Seasons at the yurt. Summer has gone and we are moving into a beautiful new Season and a new shift in our practice. In Ayurvedic terms, this is the season where Vata is more present and it is the principle of movement....cold, light, dry, fast-moving and changeable, similar to this time of year when the Autumn winds kick in and the days become cooler. For some it can be a time of feeling restless & for others feeling a bit more introverted. Let's slow down & ground ourselves.

Head to our website for further details in our Autumn schedule changes:

Monday: 9:45 Power up Your Week 11:30 Gentle Hatha for Woman 6:00 pm Hot Yoga (Beginne

7:30 pm Hot Yoga (Intermediate)

Tuesday: 10:00 Ignite Yoga (Beginners) 12:00 Spiritual Warrior 7:00 pm Mindful Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday: 7:30 Dawn Yoga 10:00 Sangye Yoga: Dynamic Vinyasa 12:00 Therapeutic Yoga 5:30 pm Pregnancy Yoga 7:30 pm Ignite Yoga (Beginners)

Thursday: 9:30 Hatha Yoga 11:15 Gentle Hatha 4:30 pm Children's Yoga 7:30 pm Sangye Yoga: Dynamic Vinyasa

Friday: 7:30 Yoga Pilates Fusion 10:30 Energy Balance Yoga 4:30 pm Yoga For Runners & Riders 6:15 pm Restorative Yoga

Saturday: 8:30 Rise & Shine Yoga


8:30 Rise & Shine Yoga 5:30 pm Yoga For All

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