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Winter Solstice Celebration - Free Event

(Donations towards our Mindfulness in Schools Project) - Everyone Welcome!

Take an evening out from the bells and whistles of the festive season and join us by the fire. Sit comfortably, get cosy and breathe. Let's take a moment to connect with our magnificent, serene planet as it rotates through the solstice night and celebrate the sun as it rises on the morning of the darkest day. For a short while at least there is nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Satsang is often translated as 'being with good people'. At this time of year when can often lose ourselves in consumption and wander away from the simple pleasures of the midwinter. This evening offers a chance to come together joyfully and reconnect with a place of stillness and peace. Guided meditation, pranayama, kirtan, mulled wine and festive treats…

Lucy Deere from Middle Path Yoga will be leading our Solstice Celebration this year. Lucy is also heading our Mindfulness in Schools initiative and donations on the night will be going towards this project.

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