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Join us this August for a Summer Cleanse!

This is a 10 day online MIND-BODY-SPIRIT RE-SET to get you feeling your lightest and brightest self this summer! Run via an online coaching group, your expert practitioners and community are on hand to guide and support you every step of the way...

Designed by our nutritionist Chloe Manlay -  give yourself 10 days to feel renewed both inside and out!

Be guided by expert and experienced practitioners to...

  • RE-SET your physical, emotional and spiritual body - using diet, intention setting, meditation and yoga 

  • CLEANSE your kitchen cupboards – remove processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol

  • BOOST your digestion and immune system - with live foods

  • BALANCE your hormones - through diet and lifestyle

  • ENERGISE your body and mind by learning when to eat with the latest research on Time Restricted Eating

  • MOVE more – get your body moving with intention with two cleansing yoga classes and online home practices

  • DE-STRESS daily – with our guided meditations

  • RESTORE with our simple to implement lifestyle modifications - sleep better, rest more

We will guide and support you, on-hand to answer any questions you have and with the added benefit of a real life and online community to support and encourage your journey...

  • Opening Ceremony with intention setting – Wednesday 1st August 1.30pm*

  • Step-by-step, day-by-day action plan to follow that will teach you:o  How to eat well o  When to eat, and most importantly when to NOT eat o  How to shop, prepare and cook amazing food that’s healthy and delicious o  How to make meditation and intentional movement part of your daily life

  • Expert webinars on:

  • o  Optimising your digestion to support general health o  Balancing your hormones throughout all stages of life o  Using essential oils to enhance your yoga practice and aid healing PLUS:

  • A Summer Cleanse Goodie Bag full of healthy, nourishing treats to get you started

  • Exclusive access to our online coaching and community forum

  • Ongoing motivation & support

  • Closing Ceremony & Party – Friday 10th August from 6.30pm*

  • * These classes will be recorded so those unable to attend will not miss out on any important info! £85 (includes 2 workshops @ TYG  & a goodie bag)  

To book please click here   


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